Antiterrorism Theme - Antiterrorism Awareness in Contracting

What is it'

The Army antiterrorism theme for the second quarter, fiscal year 2011 (2Q/FY11), Antiterrorism Awareness in Contracting, focuses on heightened awareness and understanding of the relationships and responsibilities between antiterrorism program requirements and contract management processes. By embedding antiterrorism awareness throughout the contracting process, the Army as a community, is better protected from terrorists.

Why is it important to the Army'

The risk of terrorists exploiting or targeting Army contracts is real. Terrorist activity has the potential to impact all Army contracts (such as services, supplies, construction) at both continental United States (CONUS) and outside the continental United States (OCONUS) locations. The integration of antiterrorism measures into contract planning and execution addresses potential risks to contractors and the capabilities contractors bring to the force. Antiterrorism and contracting integration measures ensure Army personnel and assets are protected from terrorist threat, both on installations and stand-alone facilities, as well as throughout overseas contingency operations. When informed about the ways and means to integrate antiterrorism, the Army-community is postured to execute contracts and mitigate the risk of terrorist acts.

What is the Army doing'

Antiterrorism and contracting communities are working closely together to ensure antiterrorism considerations are taken into account when conducting both pre-award and post-award tasks.

Areas which support the theme include the Army's contract management process, antiterrorism and contracting risk assessment, antiterrorism/OPSEC review process, and antiterrorism measures for service contracts. Resources to support antiterrorism awareness in contracting are on the Army Antiterrorism Enterprise Portal (ATEP).

Who is involved'
Three distinct, yet inherently linked, communities must work together to enhance antiterrorism awareness in contracting.
- Antiterrorism community: includes Antiterrorism officers and staffs throughout the force.
- Contracting community: includes personnel serving in contracting agencies and staffs who are responsible for contract development and management.
- Requiring activities: a broad category including all units, organizations, or activities who receive contract support.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future'

The Department of the Army's annual antiterrorism conference, being held Jan. 31 - Feb. 4, 2011, will include products highlighting the importance of antiterrorism awareness in contracting. A recently published Unit Antiterrorism Officer Handbook (September 2010) is available on ATEP. Implementation of a revised terrorist threat reporting system known as "eGuardian," and iWATCH Army (terrorist watch program) implementation remain on-going initiatives. The development of an Antiterrorism Field Manual (FM 3-37.2) continues.


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