ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. - Anniston Defense Munitions Center was awarded Army Materiel Command's 2010 Industrial Operations Safety Award at the battalion level after achieving 730 continuous days of no recordable lost time injury for the fiscal year.

According to the award nomination, this milestone was achieved with significant improvements in all areas of safety performance despite a sustained high operational tempo to include weekend operations in the majority of shipping and receiving areas.

With 145 employees, ADMC is a tenant on Anniston Army Depot but is structured under Kentucky's Blue Grass Army Depot, a subordinate command of Joint Munitions Command in Rock Island, Ill.

ADMC provides receipt, storage, shipment, maintenance, inspection, demilitarization and recycling of conventional ammunition and missiles in support of the joint warfighter. ADMC operates the Army's TOW Missile Recycling Center and, in 2011, will be conducting the Multiple Launch Rocket system recycling program.

ADMC Commander Lt. Col. Randall DeLong said his organization's safety program is totally integrated into all aspects of the business process.

"The overall health and wellness of the ADMC workforce is top priority," said DeLong.

The injury rate for FY2010 is down 40 percent from the previous fiscal year, and injuries using any continuation of pay are down more than 50 percent.

Deputy to the Commander Anthony Burdell contributed ADMC's strong safety culture to the teamwork between organizational lines. He said the culture is built and sustained through active working groups such as the Safety and Occupational Health Compliance Committee, a multidiscipline team of facilities planning, engineering, union, safety, industrial hygiene, environmental, legal, security and fire protection specialists.

"Communication is an important factor in maintaining a high level of safety consciousness," said Burdell.

Burdell said ADMC is also successful through the work accomplished within the Safety Partnership Committee, the Ergonomics Committee and ADMC's Safety Monitor Program. He also touted the depot's live, weekly television broadcast, The Morning Show, for its safety film series and its wide range of health-focused topics.

ADMC promotes and rewards safe behavior through employee recognition programs and a safety metric with the Group Award Payout. Work centers are also rewarded when they have an entire month's worth of injury free days on the Green Cross injury calendar.

"Having an extensive safety program such as ours is a win-win for the mission and the people, and winning this AMC safety award shows our commitment to the Army and its people," said Burdell. "Safety is everyone's responsibility."