Command Sergeant Major
Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem

The upcoming year is shaping up to be historic and fast-moving for Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem.

With that in mind, I want to share three of my New Year's resolutions designed to get the best results for servicemembers, Civilian employees and Families throughout both posts.

First and foremost, I want to continue emphasizing safety throughout the installations. Whether it's making sure to wear the proper military or civilian attire throughout the winter, avoiding alcohol-or drug-related accidents or dealing with more intangible issues, like stress or suicidal thoughts, I want to make sure everyone is aware not only of any potential pitfalls, but of the resources available to help solve them. Communication between team members and units will be vital to achieving safety goals, and I am committed to fostering an environment of cooperation.

Secondly, I want to ensure we all stay on schedule and on course for BRAC. The time for discussion is over, and next year will be full of action. However, as with every mission of this scale, the possibility for delay and distraction is always present. Therefore, I am dedicating myself to helping the installations stay on track throughout the closure process. I will be keeping in close contact with team leaders and will continue to hold base personnel accountable for achieving all mission goals.

Lastly, I am making it my personal mission to ensure 100 percent job placement for U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Civilian employees and 100 percent reassignment for USAG Soldiers. In addition to the BRAC employment services that are already available, I and the rest of the USAG leadership are also pushing for federal job fairs and employment seminars to help as many team members as possible. The men and women of USAG are working their hardest to help everyone on Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem move on to the next stage; I can, and will, do no less for them.

I encourage everyone to help keep me focused on these goals. Also, if you have a good idea on how to improve quality of life or operations, please let me know. As always, my door remains open to anyone who needs it.

Happy holidays to all, and a happy New Year!