MANNHEIM, Germany - The Army Oil Analysis Program Mannheim Laboratory Center is proud of the environmental benefits it offers units that enroll in the oil analysis program.

"The AOAP has grown from a logistics preventive maintenance tool to a desirable environmental management program over the years," said Heidi Bodeit, the director of the AOAP MLC. "Our program is a proven alternative that reduces consumption by determining lubricant quality through advanced laboratory analytical testing rather than routinely changing equipment lubricants based on time or usage. This generally reduces oil changes by approximately 80 percent, which significantly prevents the generation of hazardous wastes and protects the environment."

Bodeit also said that units can garner financial benefits by utilizing the AOAP's services.

"Our analysis reduces the bottom line by minimizing the quantity of lubricants and filters that must be purchased, thereby also eliminating the transportation, storage and handling for that equipment," she said. "Labor hours for mechanics are also reduced because the number of needed lubricant changes is generally reduced."

Col. Ronald Green, the commander of the 405th Army Field Support Brigade, said the AOAP MLC provides both an environmentally and fiscally responsible option for units stationed in the European theater.

"The AOAP MLC is an extremely cost-effective way for units to determine how often to change the lubricants in their vehicles, and fewer changes means less hazardous waste," Green said. "I would encourage each unit to embrace the oil analysis program as an integral part of their vehicle maintenance program."