Over the past month, more and more people have been stopping in the lobby of Carney Hall on their way to the cafeteria. That is because the Public Affairs Office has placed two big screen TV's in the lobby with a new Command Information Channel.

On one television there are slides with upcoming events around the Natick Soldier Systems Center. The second television is streaming the live feed of the Pentagon Channel.

There are two more televisions that will be playing the Command Information Channel. One of the televisions will be in the cafeteria and the other in the Dining Facility.

"We want to give everyone the opportunity to share information," said Lt. Col. Kari Otto, the USAG-Natick Commander. All the flyers that end up posted around the installation can be turned into a information channel to ensure maximum participation for all different activities happening here."

Showing the Pentagon Channel gives the NSSC workforce a perspective of what is happening across the Department of Defense.

"The research that is done at NSSC touches war fighters all across the world," said John Harlow, USAG-Natick Chief of Public Affairs. "This provides our folks a quick reminder of what they do to support Soldiers. When you see a Soldier in Afghanistan dodging bullets, it makes you think of the important role that is played here at Natick."

To put information on the Command Information Channel, please e-mail a completed Power Point slide or PDF in landscape format to nati-imne-ssc-pa@conus.army.mil.