Unified Quest 2011 Focuses on Cyber/Electromagnetic Contest

What is it'

Both cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum are highly relevant to both today's military - and to modern society - they have become a global commons. As more commercial and military systems rely on the cyberspace and the spectrum to operate, the Army must adapt to assure access and counter adversary's actions. Recent events clearly indicate that both cyberspace and the spectrum are now both critical resources and potential battlegrounds.

The Army's Operating Concept terms the struggle for freedom of action in these mediums, while countering our adversary's actions, as the 'cyber/electromagnetic contest' (C/EM contest). The C/EM contest is defined as that dimension of full spectrum operations whose aim is to gain advantage, maintain that advantage, and place adversaries at a disadvantage in the increasingly contested and congested cyberspace domain and the electromagnetic spectrum.

The third Unified Quest Seminar, Dec. 7-10, in McLean, Va., will focus on this increasingly important aspect of military operations to answer how Army forces must fight in the C/EM contest. Moreover, it will respond to what policy changes are needed, and how to responsively provide C/EM capabilities.

What has the Army done'

The Army published the first service conceptual framework for cyberspace operations, the Cyberspace Operations Concept Capability Plan, in February 2010. This document was followed by an extensive C/EM Contest Capabilities-Based Assessment (CBA) completed in November 2010.

What continued efforts does the Army have for the future'

Results from this seminar will be used to develop the doctrinal framework for C/EM operations. Additionally, the seminar will further development and refinement of DOTMLPF policy and to develop an integrated capability development strategy.

Why is this important to the Army'

The Army's campaign of learning emphasizes adaptation as an institutional imperative in an era of persistent conflict. Adapting to the C/EM contest is fundamental to achieving full spectrum capability in a 21st century operational environment. A significant advantage will go to the organization that is able to gain, protect and exploit opportunities in the highly-contested cyberspace domain and electromagnetic spectrum.


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