FORT HOOD, Texas - Soldiers from Task Force Lobos deployed to the Joint Readiness Training Center, Fort Polk, La. this November.

TF Lobos, of the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, went to JRTC in November in support of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division's deployment to JRTC.

One of the main goals for TF Lobos was to understand and exercise great air and ground synchronization, said Lt. Col. William Huff, commander of TF Lobos, 1st ACB.

Throughout the training, TF Lobos worked hand in hand with the 3rd BCT "Spartans", supporting them with medical evacuations (both static and air lift); personnel recovery; low cost, low altitude aerial resupply drops; aerial fire support and air assault troop transportation.

"The relationship between 3rd Brigade and TF Lobos couldn't be stronger," said Col. Patrick Frank, 3rd BCT commander. "They [TF Lobos] became part of the Spartan family [and provided] world class aviation support."

"As we say, we were 'showna-ba-showna'," said Frank, referring to a Dari phrase meaning shoulder-to-shoulder.

"His team pulled us right in ... we adopted the Spartan standard to demonstrate we were with them on everything," said Huff.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force, Peace Prairie Detachment was also part of this JRTC rotation providing four ICH 47D Chinook helicopters to augment TF Lobos.

TF Lobos incorporated the RSAF into the operation just like the 3rd BCT incorporated TF Lobos, said Huff. As a result, the RSAF enhanced TF Lobos' task force organization.

In fact they were vital to the mission, said Maj. Paul Berg, a native of Stuttart, Ark., operations officer for TF Lobos.
"We could not have completed the final air assault mission the way we did without the RSAF."

"The Lobos really utilized us well as an ally force, and overall it was a positive experience supporting the Lobos," said Singapore Air Force Maj. Bob Ang, commander of the Peace Prairie Detachment, RSAF.

However the integration of ground, aviation and ally forces wasn't the only relationship which was being forged out at JRTC. A month ago TF Lobos received an attack company, changing them from a general support aviation battalion to a complete task force. Because of this, JRTC was a proving ground for the Lobos who are leading the way in the 1st ACB's transition from a consolidated aviation brigade, to a brigade made up of a number of self sufficient task forces.

"This exercise is a very real, very good way to validate the task force organization," said Berg.

Validation came through TF Lobos' continuous success at JRTC, allowing them to meet all their training objectives that they set forth, said Berg.

"In the end these soldiers are going to walk out of here with their heads held high and their confidence level strong," said Huff. "I think they're trained and ready to deploy as a task force to combat. I can walk out of here and look anyone in the eye, smile, and say this task force is ready to execute."