BAGHDAD - The al Sheeb Expedient Housing facility in Maysan Province opened for the staff of Iraq's Ports of Entry Directorate Nov. 28.

Located roughly 10 miles from the Iranian border, this site is the first of three such complexes that Iraq Training and Advisory Mission-Police is providing for Iraq's PoE Directorate.

"The facility is a major step forward in improving quality of life for staff responsible for Iraqi border security," said U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Michael R. Smith, director of ITAM-Police. "It provides the Ministry of Interior with the means to properly house PoE staff, whose critical function is to secure Iraq's ports of entry - the first line of defense for Iraq's security."

The al Sheeb facility consists of 25 three-room containerized housing units, which are air-conditioned. The facility also includes office space, kitchen, dining facility, latrines, as well as storage and armory units. To ensure self-sufficiency, the facility is also equipped with water storage tanks and two generators.

Similar expedient housing complexes are slated for completion within the next two weeks in Zurbatiya, Wasit Province; and Shalamcha, Basrah Province.

"The new PoE housing symbolizes the success of our partnership with PoE officers and is indicative of the excellent relationship we enjoy," said U.S. Army Maj. Gregory Wallsten, al Sheeb PoE Training Team executive officer.

"Our government wants good working environments and is looking forward to planning more housing for our staff," said Al Sheeb PoE Director Maj. Gen. Waleed Jamil Ibrahim. "This attractive and well-equipped facility is an excellent model, provides safe, comfortable housing for the staff and will do much to improve morale."