FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- The Fort Rucker Arts and Crafts Center Engraving Shop will soon offer sublimation on just about everything that can be engraved and some things that can't.

Sublimation is the process of color printing on mugs, metals, woods and even T-shirts, according to Lynelle Bumgardner, Fort Rucker Arts and Crafts Center, engraver
The shop is a model of continuous improvement.

"In the past year, the engraving shop has changed a lot in trying to meet the needs of the Soldiers and Families of Fort Rucker," said Joan Varner, Fort Rucker Arts and Crafts Center program manager. "That's our goal."

The center's two laser engravers make the majority of all trophies and awards for the installation. They engrave mugs, pens, plaques, name plates, signs, coins and picture frames. All at a price that beats most outlets off post, said Bumgardner.

"They have everything you could want here," said CW1 Boe Searight, Student Aviator, Chinook Class 10-010.

It is tradition for Chinook classes to place a plaque in a flight line room. Searight was finalizing a plaque for his class.

"The room is full of (the plaques) we can see some of our (instructor pilots') names on them from when they went to flight school," he added.

In addition to plaques and nameplates, the shop does custom work. Sometimes the work involves more than one department at the center.

For example, the woodshop makes flag and shadow boxes, the framing shop cuts and mounts the glass and the engraving shop will engrave the glass or a plate for the piece.

"It's really neat when people come in and want something done and three departments combine their expertise to create it," Bumgardner said. "We're miracle workers."

Just about anything can be engraved.

"The most complicated piece I've done is a sword blade, I worked hard to get the curve right," Bumgardner said. "The most technically expensive piece was a crystal bowl the customer wanted engraved on the curves and edges."

Making sure the customer is happy is one of Bumgardner's strong points.

"(Her) attention to detail us superb," said Varner.

To find out more about what the engraving shop can do, call 255-2444 or visit the Arts and Crafts Center Building 9205, off Fifth Avenue.