Adaptive Networks, Threats and Solutions

What Is It'

The pervasive threats facing our country call for immediate response. The Adaptive, Networks, Threats and Solutions (ANTS) Division is the ArmyAca,!a,,cs answer to defeating various hybrid threat tactics, techniques and procedures ( TTPAca,!a,,cs) such as IEDAca,!a,,cs with rapid support to the warfighter. ANTS serves as the ArmyAca,!a,,cs representative to the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) and performs a vital mission in the fight against terrorism by:
- Defeating hybrid threats, IEDAca,!a,,cs, adaptive human networks and emerging hybrid technologies
- Facilitating development of hybrid solutions
- Championing enduring hybrid warfare and counter-IED capabilities
- Moving beyond the IED and analyzing root causes and adaptive networks Aca,!" sociological, cultural and behavioral

What is the Army doing'

The ultimate goal is defeat of current and emerging hybrid threats and ANTS division's immediate focus is the use of IEDs against our Soldiers, coalition partners and civilians. ANTS has championed the development and employment of a variety of technological and operational solutions to counter the IED and defeat the enabling human networks. These solutions have included improved vehicle and individual protection, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robots and the use of tactical explosives detection dogs to assist Soldiers in the detection of homemade and military explosives used in the making of IEDs. Our Training training and EOD Branches branches have supported the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and NATO troops with pre-deployment training and countering IED TTP's.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future'

ANTS will continue its efforts to counter hybrid threats by identifying and eliminating the human networks which support them. Future initiatives include the Technical Forensics Exploitation Capability - the use of forensics, prosecution, targeting and exploitation, in support of the interagency/joint WTI process. These efforts will enhance the Army's ability to defeat current and emerging hybrid threats and their enabling networks.

Why is this important to the Army'

Since our enemies are unable to defeat the Army through conventional means, they engage in sophisticated hybrid forms of warfare to exploit our vulnerabilities. Experts anticipate hybrid tactics such as IED's as the immediate and predominant future form of warfare. The Army is adapting to this new environment, and ANTS is a critical component of rapidly supporting the warfighter to successfully defeat hybrid threats.




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