ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Rock Island, Ill. - The Non-Paid Work Experience program helps veterans with their transition back to civilian life and seeks out opportunities for veterans to develop career paths that are in line with their military training. Rock Island Arsenal-Garrison, in conjunction with Equal Employment Opportunity office, Disability Program Coordinator and the Department of Veterans Affairs, provide NPWE. The Garrison-NPWE program provides eligible veterans an opportunity to obtain training and practical job experience.

"NPWE is a win, win for all parties involved," said James Stout, disability program manager, EEO. "You match the right veteran to the right career. The VA handles the cost of educating and training the veteran and the employer receives quality workers with minimal red tape and no expense. Once training is complete an employer can hire the veteran, but is under no obligation to do so."

Veterans that are entitled to training under Chapter 31, VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, are eligible to participate, as deemed appropriate by a VA case manager. The NPWE program provides opportunities for veterans to enter positions in the federal, state, or local agencies at no cost to the agency.

This program is ideal for eligible veterans who have clearly established career goals and learn easily in a hands-on environment, or are having difficulties obtaining employment due to lack of work experience.

NPWE is now gaining greater recognition and use at the Garrison, installation tenant organizations, and throughout the Department of Defense. NPWE also promotes employers to focus on the talents of all workers and veterans with disabilities.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Stout at (309) 782-0700 or e-mail him at