The 2010 U.S. Army Military District of Washington Family of the Year Award was presented to the Sgt. Quincy Black family by the MDW commanding general and Command Sgt. Maj. during a ceremony Nov. 22 at Fort McNair.

Maj. Gen Karl R. Horst and Command Sgt. Maj. Michael W. Williams presented the award to the family during an MDW Town Hall meeting. The two leaders mentioned the high caliber of Soldiers MDW has and wanted to highlight the support Soldiers need and receive from their families and communities.

Aca,!A"Being a Soldier has always been a challenge, but the sustained ops tempo of the Army these days provides additional stress, and having family support and support from your community is a big help,Aca,!A? said Williams. Aca,!A"The Black familyAca,!a,,cs impressive volunteer efforts show a real dedication to improving Army well-being in the National Capital Region.Aca,!A?

A criterion for the award requires families to show active volunteerism in their community resulting in improved services for fellow service members. QuincyAca,!a,,cs wife, - Tesha Black, explains how the family fulfilled that requirement.

Aca,!A"I love to help people and see the face of parents who need help when they get that help,Aca,!A? said Black as she explains her participation in the Andrews Air Force Base AirmanAca,!a,,cs Attic. The Airmen\'s Attic is dedicated to easing the financial pressures on military families by giving its patrons free, quality goods including clothing, furniture, appliances, and dishes. Enlisted personnel, E-5 and below and from all military branches, are welcome to shop there and can acquire various items from the Airmen's Attic just by showing an ID card. Aca,!A"We provide an average of about $60,000 dollars per month in assistance, all of which comes from the community in the form of money or donated material,Aca,!A? said Black.

Sgt. Black is stationed on Andrews AFB, and serves as a Flight Stewart for the Secretary of the Army and the Army Chief of Staff. The family also wanted to thank all of the other volunteers and members of the community who donate to the AirmenAca,!a,,cs Attic, as well as the base commander at Andrews AFB for the support that makes the program possible.

It was also announced during the Town Hall that MDW received the Army Superior Unit Award. The award was given for the commandAca,!a,,cs performance from January 2008 to July 31, 2009 which included the successful staging and completion of Pope Benedict XVIAca,!a,,cs visit and the inauguration of President Barrack Obama.