BAGHDAD - Six hundred, ninety-two Iraqi Police students successfully completed promotions course training at Muthanna Provincial Police Training Center Nov.1.

Upon completion of the course, these 692 Iraqi police students became eligible for promotion from basic police officer to sergeant.

Officials with United States Forces-Iraq's Iraq Training and Advisory Mission-Police work hand-in-hand with Iraq's Ministry of Interior in an effort to increase the capacity of Iraqi Police.

Recent changes in policy have established high standards for promotion among Iraqi Police. The qualifications necessary for promotion now include a set period of time in grade; supervisory recommendations; verifiable elementary school certificates and completion of basic computer skills training.

Basic police officers who cannot read and write are no longer eligible for promotion, said Col. Mohammad Najim, who is the dean of the training center. "These important requirements will show benefits in the future."

In order to graduate, students were required to pass written and practical examinations. Students, who are now eligible for promotion, will return to the training center at a later date to complete another mandatory course in basic computer skills.