WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Nov. 17, 2010) -- The Army has realigned three organizations into the new Diversity and Leadership Office. Larry Stubblefield has been appointed the new deputy assistant secretary of the Army, or DASA, for Diversity and Leadership.

What were formerly known respectively as the Army Diversity Office, Equal Employment Opportunity Civil Rights Office and the Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance and Complaints Office have been transformed into the new organization.

As the DASA, Stubblefield's role will be to develop and direct policy, principles, and practices into the Army's mission for the strategic management of human capital. Stubblefield became a member of the Senior Executive Service in September of 2005 when he was selected as the deputy administrative assistant to the secretary of the Army.

"Diversity is about recognizing and leveraging the differences in all people," Stubblefield said.

"The Army is the strength of our nation and that strength is rooted in understanding the differences each of us bring to the organization," he said. "The Diversity and Leadership Office has been tasked to develop and implement a diversity strategy, which will include developing a campaign of comprehensive training, education and awareness."

"Diversity initiatives will aid in ensuring Soldiers and civilians feel confident, safe, and be able to celebrate differences, not deny them," continued Stubblefield.

The new office has been designated a field operating agency of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (ASA-MRA).

Implementing a comprehensive diversity and leadership strategy throughout the Army will increase and enhance the service's ability to attract, recruit, hire, develop and retain a motivated and high-performing workforce, G-1 officials said.

They said the recent alignment fosters enterprise-wide integration of diversity principles into all aspects of human capital management and leader development for our military and civilian personnel and underscores the Army's commitment to the principles and compliance of Equal Employment Opportunity.

"EEO serves as the foundation and cornerstone from which diversity is achieved," Stubblefield said.

The new mission for Diversity and Leadership is to sustain the Army's posture as a model employer of choice and its competitive advantage in strategically using all human resources to their fullest potential, officials said. They said the Diversity and Leadership Office will lead by example and maintain an environment that is conducive to developing a force that is ready, capable and motivated toward accomplishing the mission.

The vision includes being the Army's facilitator for Diversity and Leadership of military and civilian policy, program and practice.

Stubblefield noted the mission of the Diversity and Leadership Office is a tall order, but said he is confident of its success.

"Diversity and Leadership continue to be in the ASA-MRA top ten priorities," he said, "and that is a mandate that will serve the cadre of staff who are committed and capable of accomplishing the Army's mission of national security and defense."