RODRIGUEZ LIVE FIRE COMPLEX, South Korea - Eighth Army deployed Nov. 15 to this training range near the Korean Demilitarized Zone for exercise Autumn Breeze 2010.

To support Eighth Army's transition to a field army, mobility and network connectivity are the main goals of the exercise.

"Eighth Army will not be a stationary command," said Sgt. Maj. Jed Hawkland. "We will be a command headquarters that can be deployed."

Soldiers from the 2nd Infantry Division, Special Troops Battalion, Alpha Company are supporting the exercise by installing a satellite communication system for the mobile command post.

Alpha Company Soldiers set up the Satellite Transportable Terminal and Unit Hub Satellite Communication Truck to the enable network access.

STT is a mobile trailer-based satellite dish that provides high-bandwidth connectivity as far down as the battalion-level at forward-operating military bases.

Braving the November weather in a deployed environment, Eighth Army is working hard to achieve the goals of Autumn Breeze 2010.