Ready. Reliable. Lethal. With these preeminent concepts and JMC's mission to supply U.S. warfighters with the right ammunition at the right place, on time, every time, Operation Iraqi Freedom was deemed a success.

OIF spanned more than seven years, from March 2003 to August 2010, and in that time JMC supplied warfighters with millions of individual munitions from shipments of thousands of tons of ammunition. Among the JMC installations which were queried and responded, the following information demonstrates the quantity of ammunition supplied to ensure the success of OIF.

During OIF, Tooele Army Depot, Tooele, Utah reported shipping 3,620 containers, equal to 46,073 short tons, of conventional ammunition. (One short ton is 2,000 pounds.) Tooele received 1,618 containers, or 25,006 short tons, of conventional ammo for reset, in other words to be inspected, re-worked and re-issued.

Thirty-seven civilian personnel from Tooele deployed voluntarily to support OIF. A support team travelled to Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, Utah to load out Joint Defense Attack Munitions. Another support team went to Fort Hood, Texas, to load out Division Ready Brigade for the 4th Infantry Division.

Red River Munitions Center, Texarkana, Texas, reported overseas tonnage data for 2006 to 2010 for the Maverick, Patriot and Stinger missiles and conventional munitions. RRMC received a total of 468 tons of munitions and issued 558 tons. During OIF, three Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammunition Surveillance) civilians deployed for six month tours, two to Iraq and one to Afghanistan.

From 2003 to 2008, McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, McAlester, Okla., filled 315,055 inert bombs and 183,355 live bombs to support OIF.

Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, Middletown, Iowa, reported extensive totals of numbers of various ammunition produced for OIF from March 2003 to August 2010. IAAAP manufactured 6,834,682 individual pieces of ammunition during that time.

Among the munitions manufactured at IAAAP, are three types which exceeded a million pieces each. IAAAP produced 1,058,223 of the M865, which is a 120mm practice mortar.

Two other types of ammunition which both exceeded one million produced at IAAAP during OIF, were the M231 and the M107. They are fired together as the M231 is the separate propelling charge for the M107 155mm projectile. During OIF, IAAAP manufactured 1,978,412 of the M231 and 1,803,868 of the M107.

Employees of the Joint Munitions Command are grateful that their work and support contributed, in part, to the positive outcome of Operation Iraqi Freedom.