FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Several university representatives and education counselors gathered Nov. 4, at Sports USA to present Soldiers, retirees, civilians, and their Family members with the chance to follow their desired career path and make dreams come true at Fort Bragg's Education Fair.

The fair was sponsored by Army Community Service and coordinated by Terry Long, a counselor at Fort Bragg's Education Center.

The purpose of the fair was to provide Soldiers and Families with the opportunity to continue their education and enhance workforce development.

"The best part about this (event) is knowing that there are so many educational institutions out there that are willing to offer their services to better the Soldier and to help the retiree, the dependents, and Family members," Long said.

During the fair, visitors learned about tuition assistance, benefits for Family members, college credit for military occupational specialty training, apprenticeship programs and how to continue education while deployed.

Many Soldiers and civilians didn't hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity. Specialist Daniel Gray and Pfc. Kristina Dowling were among the first Soldiers to arrive, ready to take charge of the future and continue their educations.

"We're trying to get started on our fire science degree, I only have a year and a half left to date, and she (Dowling) has three and a half years left. I just want to get in school before I get out (of the military) and get as much done as I can," Gray said.

Randy Bell Sr., Fort Bragg site director at Liberty University said he was motivated to be a part of the fair after seeing advertising about the event throughout Fort Bragg.

"My main goal is to provide information and let the Soldiers and spouses know that we are here on Fort Bragg and we are here to serve the Soldiers first," he said.

For more information about getting started on your dreams and furthering your education, drop by the Education Center at Building 2-1105, Macomb Street, or visit them online at