ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. - Team Anniston, it is with pride that I say we've taken huge steps over the last few weeks. Oct. 21 marked a moment in history here at the depot. We officially embraced a transformation that changed the way we do business. We launched a business process redesign that streamlines and standardizes logistic support activities and reporting into one system, the Logistics Modernization Program, or LMP. Gone are the days of Standard Depot System, or SDS.

I applaud you for the two years of intense planning, training and hard work. We've accomplished a lot with more to be done. As we move further into this continual learning process, I encourage each of you to remain open-minded, persistent and steadfast. The end result not only delivers a significant advantage in managing operations here at the depot, but for the ultimate customer on the battlefield.

Celebrating Veterans Day

This week, we'll recognize our national annual Veterans Day observance. We will honor and celebrate those veterans who served, fought and sacrificed so much in the defense of our great Nation. Across the country, Americans will pay tribute to the heroic service members in our Armed Forces. More than 50 million men and women have served our Nation in times of peace and war in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Reserves and National Guard.

On this holiday, communities and organizations throughout the local area will mark Veterans Day with parades, ceremonies and memorial dedications. The depot will pay homage today to the 1,400 veterans who are employed here during the Veterans Day tribute, which takes place at the Physical Fitness Center, followed by a wreath laying ceremony at McClellan's Veterans Cemetery.

It is always a privilege to be in the company of our veterans. They are the greatest role-models for our current service members. We look to them for inspiration. It is their example of sacrifice and dedication that keeps us motivated and strong. When we hear their stories of valor and service, of all the things they did for us and our nation, we definitely owe them a great debt of gratitude.

They are our history as well as our future. While we will never be able to repay the Nation's veterans who dedicated their lives to service, we can honor and respect the service that they have provided.

Let's send a heartfelt message to all who have worn the uniform thanking them for their courage, sacrifice, and for standing up when our nation needed them most.

We will forever be in their debt and we must never forget them or their Families. It is because of these individuals that we continue to be the home of the brave and the land of the free.

On behalf of the Sullivan family --- May God bless America and Happy Veterans Day!