WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Oct. 31, 2006) - I have to admit when I first heard 'Army Strong' I thought, "That's it'" But as I've thought about it, Army Strong is much more than two words. It represents the best of the Army; the best of America; the best of each and every Soldier.

I think Army Strong works better if you imply "I am, You are or We are" Army Strong, but what does it mean to be Army Strong'

Army Strong is more than muscles; it's the Soldiers who can endure long patrols constantly alert for hidden dangers, or run faster and further than they ever thought they could.

Army Strong is more than sheer military might (tanks, helicopters, artillery, missiles, etc...); it's the Soldiers who drive, fly or shoot all that hardware.

Army Strong is more than completing tough training; it's parachuting out of an airplane at 800 feet when you're scared to death of heights.

Army Strong is more than being smart; it's having the knowledge and tenacity to develop a way to solve seemingly impossible problems.

Army Strong is more than combat operations that destroy an enemy; it's the Soldiers and leaders who plan and execute it - it's Boots on the Ground.

Army Strong is more than the pungent smell of burnt gunpowder after a firefight; it's the Soldiers whose well aimed fire protected their buddies.

Army Strong is more than intelligence systems, UAVs and GPS; it's the Soldiers who bring that information to the leaders who can use it to stop an insurgent attack.

Army Strong is more than beans, bullets and repair parts; it's the Soldiers who ship, manage, prepare, repair and move all the things that keep the Army rolling along.

Army Strong is more than just doing what's right; it's the Army values embodied by Soldiers who carry out their duties everyday.

Army Strong is more than a "Welcome Home" sign taped to a fence; it's the "Daddy, daddy, daddy!" yelled across a tarmac late at night and a long embrace at the end of a deployment.

Army Strong is more than an individual Soldier's strength; it's the teamwork of a well-trained squad executing actions on contact.

In short, Army Strong is far more than two words; it's the underlying moral fiber, the deep-seated emotions and the total determination every Soldier carries.

No one can stop this team - it's Army Strong.