Medical Management Center Pilot Program

What it is'

Medical Management Center (MMC) is a program, implemented by the U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM), to assist unit and rear detachment commanders with managing and assisting Medically Not Ready (MNR) Soldiers through the healing process.

These centers do not replace unit oversight and management of Soldiers who are pregnant, on convalescent leave or non-deployable due to dental conditions or lack of immunizations.

What has the Army done'

MEDCOM joined with Forces Command (FORSCOM) and Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), to establish pilot Medical Management Centers at WINN Army Community Hospital (ACH), Fort Stewart, Ga., and Ireland Army Community Hospital, Fort Knox, Ky.

Lessons learned from these pilots will help MEDCOM develop standards to coordinate care for MNR Soldiers; decrease Soldiers recovery time; decrease the length of time Soldiers are unable to perform their duties and the timeline for identifying a Soldier's medical retention decision point.

MEDCOM is also collaborating with the Physical Disability Evaluation System to streamline the Medical Evaluation Board/Physical Evaluation Board process for Soldiers.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future'

The MMCs have care coordinators and nurse case managers to track care for MNR Soldiers and assist commanders with coordinating care. MEDCOM will use the results of the pilot program to develop MMC policies and programs to help commanders, better support Soldiers on profiles to return them to optimum health and full military duty.

Why is this important to the Army'

In support of the Army's high operation tempo, commanders of Soldiers on temporary profiles may need more focused support to assist Soldiers through the healing process. The MMC Pilot Program will help the Army maintain readiness by ensuring rear detachment commanders of wounded, ill and injured Soldiers have the support they need to manage MNR Soldiers. The MMC coordinators and nurse case managers will be available to assist, advise and educate unit and rear detachment commanders on any issues related to the medical care of Soldiers.


MEDCOM Operations Order 10-66 Medical Management Center Pilot Program, Sept. 29, 2010

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