CAMP BONIFAS, South Korea - The most forward-deployed battalion in South Korea took part in a leadership team building exercise here Nov. 3 - 4.

The United Nations Command Security Battalion-Joint Security Area conducted the two-day leadership exercise for all E-4 promotable and above in the unit.

The execise was designed to test and challenge the battalion leaders in their warrior tasks and battle drills and to provide leadership opportunities for small unit leaders.

"We ruck marched for over 40 kilometers in the two days, carrying up to 80-pound rucks," said 1st Lt. Greg Gifford, battalion signal officer. "The first mission was not to be taken lightly, which was a dismounted movement from Camp Bonifas to the top of Observation Post Dora, one of the highest observation points in our area of operations."

"From there, we moved to Camp Greaves to conduct military operations in urban terrain," said Gifford. "The enemy were armed with CS gas and paintball guns and the Imjin platoon was tasked to clear the three-story building the enemy forces were occupying."

The Soldiers then spent the night in the field in below freezing temperatures.

The next morning with only a few hours of sleep, the platoon marched back to Camp Bonifas from Warrior Base to conduct combatives and mounted operations, said Gifford.

"The Imjin platoon then marched to the JSA mockup range to conduct a call for fire mission," said Gifford. "This movement took over three hours of dismounted ruck marching through horrendous terrain, along the border of the DMZ."