Yudh Abhyas

What is it'

U.S. Army, Pacific's Exercise Yudh Abhyas is a regularly-scheduled bilateral exercise hosted by the Indian and U.S. Armies which allows for an exchange of knowledge between the two militaries using a U.N. peacekeeping scenario. Yudh Abhyas has been ongoing since 2004, and is designed to promote cooperation between the two militaries while sharing training, cultural exchanges, and building joint operating skills. This year Yudh Abhyas 10, scheduled for Nov. 1-14, at Fort Richardson, Alaska, will be the Indian army's first deployment to Alaska.

What has the Army done'

Annual training with the Indian army began in 2004 at the platoon exchange level to enhance our ability to conduct joint and multi-national operations in support of U.S. Pacific Command's theater campaign plan by conducting a combined exercise with the Indian army to improve cultural awareness, develop friendships, and enhance cooperation among the two armies.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future'

U.S. and Indian relations continue to be that of mutual respect and hold the promise of continued improvement for years to come. Yudh Abhyas gives the U.S. Army and Indian forces the opportunity to exchange knowledge and learn from each other, as well as establish personal and professional relationships. Exercises between U.S. and Indian militaries are increasing in scope and sophistication.

Why is this important to the Army'

The U.S. military-to-military association with the Indian army is a maturing bilateral relationship that is strengthened by exercises like Yudh Abhyas 10. Execution of these exercises is vital to effective and efficient peacekeeping and foreign disaster relief operations and civil affairs core tasks focused on humanitarian and disaster relief.


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