As the countdown to [Base Realignment and Closure] continues, Soldiers, Civilian employees and Families throughout Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem are dealing with the growing amount of stress that comes with playing the waiting game.

Personnel who are part of designated realignment organizations such as U.S. Army Central/Third Army, U.S. Army Forces Command, and First Army, and are packing up their belongings and researching new cities; waiting to officially move along with their units.

Servicemembers and their Families who serve outside these units are anticipating receiving new orders and assuming new responsibilities; waiting to see where in the world their next duty assignment will take them.

Civilian employees and contractors that will remain after the installations close - like the Civilian employees in the U.S. Army Garrison - are managing expectations and dealing with anxieties as they wait to hear back from the DA Priority Placement Program or from outside employers about new job opportunities.

And for some, the countdown clock to BRAC doubles as the clock to their professional careers, as they wait for the coming of retirement.

However, while waiting for all these scenarios -and others I didn't mention - to resolve themselves, it is important to remember that although waiting isn't necessarily fun, it is an important part of any process.

It is in periods of waiting that plans can be held up to scrutiny and mistakes can be corrected.

Waiting can also provide significant time in which to gather strength and resolve to deal with upcoming changes.

Indeed, making the most of "waiting" allows a person to set him-or-herself up for the best possible chance to succeed.

In the coming months, the time for waiting will be over and the time for action will be in full swing.

There will be sudden movements, quick decisions and immediate consequences.

The right or wrong moves made now can have a big part in determining future success.

I encourage everyone to make the most of their time while they "wait." Remember, the point of playing any game is to win.