ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. - For the first time since United Way leaders can remember, the City of Gadsden made the list of bus stops for depot employees looking to see what nonprofits are doing in our communities.

These tours are planned by the Anniston Army Depot's Combined Federal Campaign, giving depot employees an opportunity to see for themselves how local agencies use CFC donations to serve clients.

Prior to the 2010 campaign season, the tours stopped only at agencies in Calhoun County. In a meeting earlier this year, the depot's CFC executive committee discussed the topic of tours and decided that if tour groups were taken to Gadsden, they'd still be able to see a few agencies during the allotted travel time.

Tours take place between 7:30 and 11:30 a.m. For scheduled tour dates, contact Kim Smoot at Ext. 3159.

"We are very glad to have this opportunity to give our workforce the chance to see agencies in nearby Gadsden. Like the agencies in Anniston and throughout Calhoun County, the nonprofits in Etowah County are great at what they do and have been gracious to let us through their doors," said Ginger Coleman, CFC chairwoman.

These tours allow potential CFC donors to ask questions of agency workers and see how people are being helped in their community.

"We're just so excited to have the depot in our agencies today," said Joanne Hightower, executive director of United Way of Etowah County.

The list of Gadsden-area agencies toured by depot employees on Oct. 19 included Big Brothers Big Sisters, James M. Barrie Center for Children and the Family Success Center.

"This was a great tour. I really liked to see that a lot of the United Way agencies were located in the same block, which can really help families that are in need of a variety of services, not just one," said Belinda Santiago.

With more than 2,000 agencies in the CFC brochure, depot employees, like all federal workers, can select the agencies to receive their respective CFC donations. Many of the agencies on ANAD's CFC tours are listed in the brochure.

CFC has been around since 1961 and is the world's largest workplace charity drive. ANAD's CFC is going on now!

Please give.