The November issue of Soldiers features a variety of stories, several highlighting former Soldiers in honor of Veterans Day.This month, we tell the stories of Soldiers-turned-musicians; a recently retired general known to most as "Hondo;" veterans who have found their calling by sorting through historic artifacts; and a former gunner and vehicle commander, who doesn't let his war wounds get in the way of his dreams.You will also find out what life was like for the first women who graduated from West Point; how The Institute of Heraldry has evolved over the past 50 years; learn about the teams the Army sends to combat zones to solicit Soldiers' input about the gear they use, and assess the equipment used in the fight; and discover that Soldiers operate not only in the air and on land, but also in the water.On behalf of the Soldiers magazine staff, I hope you are enlightened and entertained by this month's features. Thank you for your service, and for the sacrifices you make each and every day.Sincerely,Carrie McLeroy, Editor in chief, Soldiers magazine