PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. - The Presidio of Monterey offers trick-or-treaters plenty of opportunity for safe fun this Halloween weekend.

Fall into Fun
Little superheroes, monsters, witches and warriors are invited to kick off the weekend 2:45-4:45 p.m. today with Aca,!A"Fall into FunAca,!A? with ACS at the Stilwell Community Center. Children Aca,!" and parents, too Aca,!" are invited to wear a costume to trick or treat, make crafts, play games and have fun. For more information, call Army Community Service at 831-242-5868.

Safety Spooktacular
From noon-3 p.m., Oct. 30, community children are invited to the Safety Spooktacular at La Mesa Community Center. The Parks at Monterey Bay are hosting a haunted house. Free treats include haunted hot dogs, drooling drinks, creepy chili and cheese, as well as slimy snacks. Children should come dressed in their best costumes for the Halloween costume contest. Special guests include Sammy the Spider, Sparky the Fire Dog and his Smokehouse, McGruff the Crime Dog and the Talking Police Car. For more information, call toll-free 1-877-658-3615.

Bump in the Night
The PresidioAca,!a,,cs Better Opportunity for Single Servicemembers organization is sponsoring a free Halloween party for service members and guests over 18 years old Oct. 30 from 8 p.m.-midnight Aca,!" doors open at 7 p.m. Aca,!" at the Hobson Student Activity Center here on post. There will be a costume contest with prizes and DJs will play music that goes Aca,!A"bump in the night.Aca,!A? Java CafAfA will be open for food and beverages. For more information, call 831-242-4423.

Trick-or-treating in the housing areas runs 5-8 p.m. Oct. 31. While POM Police will patrol the housing areas, parents should oversee preparations, if not the actual door-to-door events. Drivers also need to be even more alert while driving through the housing areas during trick-or-treat hours, he added. Police patrols from military and community police will be at the housing areas during the event. They will be giving out free Halloween treat bags and glow-in-the-dark safety bracelets. Below are tips to help make the night safe and successful.

The Light in the Night
Community members are invited to celebrate the 17th annual fall festival Aca,!A"Light in the Night.Aca,!A? This alternative to Halloween is free and sponsored by the OMC Chapel congregation. It will be held at the OMC Chapel on General Jim Moore Boulevard 6-8 p.m. Oct. 31.
This event is for children of all military personnel, DOD civilian employees, retirees and parishioners. Kids 11 & younger must be accompanied by an adult. Costumes are welcome, but, please, none that are scary or inappropriate. Bring family, friends and neighbors to enjoy an evening of fall fun, including games, face painting, bounce house, candy, food, karaoke, a petting zoo and more. The program also includes a presentation of Heroes of the Church. For more information or to volunteer, call Corrie, 831-242-7625, or Therese, 831-242-7627.
The following tips were gathered from various websites, including, Consumer Product Safety Commission, as well as various Garrison Safety Offices.

Costume safety
Aca,!AcPaint faces with makeup, rather than masks, for better visual safety. This also looks more creative.
Aca,!AcFlame-resistant costumes: For costumes, masks, beards and wigs, look for the label Aca,!A"Flame Resistant.Aca,!A? Although this label doesnAca,!a,,ct mean the items wonAca,!a,,ct catch fire, it does indicate the items will resist burning and should extinguish quickly once removed from the ignition source. To minimize the risk of contact with candles or other sources of ignition, avoid costumes made with flimsy materials and outfits with big, baggy sleeves or billowing skirts. Also, use the Aca,!A"flameless candlesAca,!A? that are easily accessible this year.
Aca,!AcShort costumes prevent tripping; the shorter the ghost sheet, the better. Young children are more likely to trip on costumes, shoes, sidewalks and yards.
Aca,!AcShoes should be made for walking. Put the children in sturdy shoes, even if they donAca,!a,,ct match the costume: Think fairy princess in sneakers or boots. Leave motherAca,!a,,cs high heels in the living room.

Setting out
Aca,!AcMake sure your children travel in a group and not alone. Young children should always be accompanied by an adult or an older, responsible child. Try for a mixture of younger and older kids, so the older children can help watch the younger ones.
Aca,!AcTell children to stay with people they know; donAca,!a,,ct talk to strangers.
Aca,!AcKeep track of kids and costumes. Because everyone will be in costume, make sure the adult knows the costumes and number of children in the group, in case some children slip in and out of the group.
Aca,!AcPlan the route in advance, so the children know where to go.
Aca,!AcTell kids what time to be home; make sure they know to follow the prescribed route. Also, give them a cell phone so they can call home or the police. (Children should have a way to communicate with parents in case of an emergency.)
Aca,!AcLook for outside lights and other signs of trick-and-treating friendly homes. Children should go only to homes where residents are known.
Aca,!AcHomes without lights arenAca,!a,,ct participating, so donAca,!a,,ct bother them. Parents should go over the difference between Aca,!A"tricksAca,!A? and Aca,!A"vandalismAca,!A? before children head out for the evening.
Aca,!AcStay on sidewalks and out of streets; donAca,!a,,ct trample through lawns and gardens.
Aca,!AcTell children to avoid pets and animals they donAca,!a,,ct know, and to be careful when around animals they know. Animals tend to be edgy when a lot of strangers are around.

Rules of the road
Aca,!AcProvide glow sticks and flashlights for kids. Slap some reflective tape onto their costumes to make them more visible to cars. It might be light when they begin, but it will soon turn to dusk. Better yet, Glow-in-the-Dark monster is a great costume idea.
Aca,!AcMake sure kids stay on the main path and do not travel between cars or take short cuts.
Aca,!AcWear gloves and other appropriate weather coverings. ItAca,!a,,cs a lot colder for little ones than it is for adults. The Monterey area was scheduled for possible rain and a low of 50 degrees Oct. 31.

Treat safety
Aca,!AcNo eating candy before home. Warn children not to eat any treats until they bring them home to be examined by you.
Aca,!AcMake sure treats are pre-packaged; no unwrapped treats (including fruits or sandwich-baggie treats).
Aca,!AcParents should do a quick quality check on the candy before children eat Aca,!" no punctures, no visible signs of tampering.
Aca,!Ac Consume candy in moderation.

Sometimes itAca,!a,,cs best to keep things in one area, so if you cannot attend any of the organized POM events, perhaps you and some other parents could organize your own Halloween party for the neighborhood children.

For more information, contact the POM Garrison Safety Office at 831-242-6332.