Red Ribbon Week

What is it'

The Assistant Secretary of Defense has designated Oct. 24-30, 2010 as Red Ribbon Week in support of substance abuse education and prevention activities in the military. This year's theme is "I am Drug Free."

What has the Army done'

Each year the military services promote Red Ribbon Week activities to support efforts to keep servicemembers and their families drug-free. The DoD and Army have developed a number of educational programs to raise awareness of substance abuse and disorders. For example, the Army Substance Abuse Program's Warrior Pride Campaign is a prevention campaign that focuses on the incompatibility of substance abuse with Army Values and the Warrior Ethos.

DoD's "Quit Tobacco. Make Everyone Proud" tobacco cessation campaign is available to Soldiers and retirees, their families, Army civilians and contractors online. Users can log-on to develop a personalized quitting plan, play games and chat on-line with a cessation counselor. As well, many Army medical treatment facilities offer tobacco cessation programs.

The "That Guy" social marketing campaign targets 18-24 year old service members and features the embarrassing social consequences of alcohol abuse. Check out the interactive website at That Guy.

Why is it important to the Army'

Red Ribbon Week raises awareness and mobilizes communities to combat tobacco, alcohol, and drug use. Army Medical Command officials urge beneficiaries dealing with substance abuse to take advantage of the many available options to prevent and treat substance abuse and disorders.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future'

The U.S. Army Public Health Command (Provisional) has a free, new tobacco cessation program titled 2BNICFREE for Soldiers and their Families. 2BNICFREE will augment local efforts by providing online tobacco cessation classes taught by certified cessation educators. Participants may access the course at any location using the internet. 2BNICFREE will be launched in November 2010. Watch for updates regarding the program at United States Public Health Command (Provisional).


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