This week, I'd like to continue sharing a way of thinking and working that you may find valuable here at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

I call them the 5 P's: People, places, purse, processes and products. The 5 P's are my way of accomplishing the mission while always maintaining focus.

Last week, we talked about people. This week, I want to talk about places. This is how we define places within the Research, Development and Engineering Command: Acquire, establish, and sustain state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and information technology infrastructure that enable leading edge research, development and engineering capabilities. The crux of that message carries over to all organizations on APG.

I meet with people all across this region who are excited about what is happening on the installation. There's a buzz about APG, base realignment, jobs and transformation.

We are growing folks. By this time next year we'll have more than 22,000 people working on the proving ground.

The last time APG saw this magnitude of change was in 1917 when the Army opened this installation. At the time we were transitioning from the days of horse-drawn artillery. Who could have guessed the amazing changes technology would bring in the decades that followed' But what's happening today is bigger than that. What we're doing is unprecedented. We stand at pivot point in the history of the installation.

We are building a megabase focused on the future of science and technology for the Army. Look around if you don't believe me. Everywhere you turn you will see one of three things, we're building, we're renovating and we're demolishing.

It means we have almost a billion and half dollars in new construction going on. We are repairing and renovating our facilities, government quarters and infrastructure. Moreover, we are tearing down buildings that have long passed their usefulness.

Why do you think we're doing this'

For one, creating a superior quality of life for our Soldiers, Family Members and civilian employees is part of our covenant of taking care of people.

But why we focus on places is important for so many other reasons too.

If APG is to be the beacon for technology in this region, we need state-of-the-art facilities for science, medical, testing, chem-bio and research. This means a significant investment in laboratories, prototype facilities, test tracks, ranges, research space and office parks.

Investing in the future is critical if we want to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse, resilient, world-class workforce.

Finally I'd like to comment on the outstanding partnerships we have with our state, county and local leaders. On Oct. 5, we attended a ground breaking ceremony for upgrades to U.S. 40 and MD-715. This $42.6 million dollar project will bring much needed improvements to a major traffic artery into and out of the installation. This is a result of close coordination between people who are working together to make APG a great place to live and work.

Think what APG will be like in the next couple of years. I hope you're here to see it. I'm excited about the changes that are coming. I hope you are too!

Next week I will talk with you about another important pillar of the 5 P's: Purse. Army Strong!