RED CLOUD GARRISON, South Korea - Restaurant choices, an automotive service station and hair salons were the top concerns raised by civilian employees during a focus group meeting here to solicit their feedback for the command Sept. 24.

Abigail Kim, customer service officer, organized the focus group for civilian employees to listen to their issues so they could be presented to Richard Davis, deputy to the Garrison commander, and the Installation Action Council members Sept. 27.

The participants identified nine issues or concerns they have about living and working in Warrior Country. They also made recommendations about what could be done to resolve their concerns. It's one of several ways in which the garrison solicits community feedback.

"The focus group is a time where the community can come together and address issues they have regarding programs and all services offered in Warrior Country," Kim said. "If the issues are brought up in these meetings I feel they will eventually be resolved, because it seems as if the past focus groups have proven to be essential in improving Warrior Country."

Aside from the three major issues, some of the other items identified by the participants were the garrison Web site, customer satisfaction, child care on post and off-post housing.

"The biggest issue everyone agreed upon was the food choices on Red Cloud," Kim said. "I know it's a pain for everyone to have to drive, or catch the bus or train just to get to Osan to enjoy a nice meal at Chili's, or go all the way to Casey to snack on some Taco Bell. It's an issue that everyone at Red Cloud can relate to."

After the group discussed their issues, they narrowed the list down to the top three and brainstormed possible solutions. They later sat down and presented the issues and solutions to Davis. Davis also asked to hear the other six issues and spent 40 minutes talking to the participants about each of their concerns and what if anything the command can possibly do to address them.

"I'm excited we had such a great turnout," Kim said. "I look forward in having many more focus groups as the vast amounts of families come to Korea. We must adapt to a more Family environment and these focus groups are a way to start."

Kim will hold a focus group for Soldiers living and working in Warrior Country Oct. 22.