Camp Arifjan, Kuwait-Command authority of the Army Materiel Command (Forward) was transferred at a traditional military ceremony here Aug. 20, before an audience of senior AMC leadership and support personnel from the 401st Army Field Support Brigade.
Brig. Gen. James L. Hodge became the new U.S. Third Army C-4 and AMC Commanding General (Forward), when Commanding General of the Army Sustainment Command, Maj. Gen. Robert M. Radin, received the AMC Colors from Brig. Gen. Patricia McQuistion and presented the Colors to Hodge.
AMC Commander, Gen. Benjamin S. Griffin was senior officer at the event.
Radin praised Brig. Gen. Patricia McQuistion for her accomplishments of providing Title X support to Army Forces in theater along with joint and combined support. He listed her priorities; Soldiers in combat, deploying forces and redeploying forces.
"You managed port operations, theater sustainment-executive Agency support to other services, and yes, Stryker support to deploying forces. Pat, you've done it all," said Radin.
McQuistion is currently in transit to become the Commander of the Defense Supply Center at Columbus, Ohio.
McQuistion told the audience about the value of her position in training logisticians to bridge the strategic-to-operational-to-tactical levels of logistics.
"It's even more meaningful when you realize that there are four generations of C4/AMC SWA CGs here today: Major General Radin, Brigadier General Leonard, me and now Jim [Brig. Gen. Hodge]. I'm tremendously honored to be in any line-up with these great Soldiers and leaders," McQuistion said.
McQuistion's remarks stressed the AMC mission to ensure the full capabilities of acquisition, technology and sustainment are brought straight to the Warfighter, "... and do it even before they realize they need it, because AMC is there, inside every formation, asking the questions and finding the answers to what Warfighters require. General Griffin conceived that vision and brought it to life. He has made that happen... around the world where AMC is recognized as the one-stop shop for support from the strategic base through operational levels," said McQuistion.
Brig. Gen. Hodge arrived to the theater from Fort Eustis, Va., where he served as Deputy Commander/Director of Operations of the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command.
"I can't think of a better job to have because we are smack dab in the middle of everything. What we do is absolutely central to the success of every fighting Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, Marine and Coastguardsmen in this theater . . .I'm going to build on Pat's [Brig. Gen. McQuistion] reputation for excellence, and I will ensure that our legacy of organizational respect is continued," said Hodge.