FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. - Just 15 months after its 2009 introduction, the Army Training Network (ATN - is continuing to build momentum as a leading online source for Army training management information, videos, manuals and other tools.

August was the highest usage so far for ATN - with more than 102,000 visits for the month, and September usage promises to be even higher.

"I don't know how many times I've heard: "This is great!" from Soldiers and others who visit ATN for the first time," says Brig. Gen. Paul E. Funk II. Funk is Deputy Commanding General of the Army's Combined Arms Center-Training (CAC-T). CAC-T's Collective Training Directorate created and continues to develop and improve ATN.

"Our biggest issue right now is getting people to go there the first time and check out all the great training tools and resources," says Funk. "Once they visit the first time, they keep coming back for more."

A great source for training tools
While ATN was created as a resource for trainers and educators, it's developed into a centralized location for training management tools, videos and models, manuals and other training tools that Soldiers, Commanders and others across the Army can use. And new content is being added every day - both by the Army and by individual trainers.

"It's a living and breathing resource - one that will always be improving as our users dictate," says Jimmy Davis, Government Lead for ATN and FM 7-0. "Instead of a quickly outdated printed manual, ATN provides up-to-the-minute resources that continually change to fit the Army's changing needs and requirements."

Among the most popular ATN resources: Products, Training Management, FM 7-0, FSO METL details, Warrior Task and Battle Drills and Videos. Some of the most recent ATN additions: a new Ganjgal Village lessons learned video, COIN Qualification Standards and Tactical Biometrics Training Modules from Afghanistan.

Taking training to the Soldier
To make ATN even more accessible, CAC-T has introduced ATN2GO, a new stand-alone mobile application that can be downloaded to an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android phone. With ATN2GO, you can watch selected ATN training videos and use other popular ATN training tools and resources - even when Internet access isn't available.

"We want to take training directly to Soldiers instead of bringing Soldiers to the training," says Brig. Gen. Funk. "ATN2GO is just-in-time training and education - whenever and wherever you want to use it."

Since it was added on the Army Training Network in late August, the ATN2GO stand-alone app has been downloaded an impressive 1,000 times. Anyone with a government Common Access Card or AKO login ID can download ATN2GO at In the Training Bulletin Board section on the right side of the home page, click the ATN2GO link and follow the instructions to download the app to a computer and then load on your iPad or other mobile device. Note: The download for Apple devices is done through iTunes. Because G6 currently does not apply iTunes use on government computers, you will need to download the application through a non-government computer.

Based at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., the U.S. Army's Combined Arms Center-Training delivers training programs, products and services to leaders and units in support of Army readiness. Wherever Army training occurs, the Combined Arms Center-Training helps make it happen. To learn more about the Combined Arms Center-Training, visit, or