Hands on fire training
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FORT GORDON, Ga. -- Fort Gordon's garrison commander takes a hands-on approach to leadership.

In May, Col. Glenn Kennedy assisted in a surgery on one of the military working dogs at the veterinary clinic, and last month, he donned firefighting gear to train with members of Fort Gordon's fire department.

"I like to get first-hand experiences and work with the people who support the garrison," said Kennedy of his experiences.

His most recent "job shadowing" experience as he called it was with the firefighters on Aug. 20. He dressed out in full gear and participated in two training scenarios. In the first scenario, there was a building on fire. After they put the fire out, they swept the building and found a victim.

"I got to carry out the survivor," he said.

The second training mission he participated in was a search and rescue. Kennedy said he enjoyed his experience except that it took place mid-afternoon on a scorching hot August day. There was one trick he learned on the day that would be refreshing on a hot Georgia summer day, and he has wished several times since that he had the opportunity to repeat it.

"For the first time in my life, I got to bust open a fire hydrant," he said.

Kennedy said he learned a lot on his jaunt with the firefighters, and he gave them high marks.

"Our firefighters are in superb shape. We have a great fire department," he said.

They are well-trained, and should they be needed, they have the skills to do the job.

Kennedy said the first-hand experiences give him an insight into the workings of Fort Gordon that a briefing cannot.

"It's another good way of being informed. I can see what the needs are," he said.

Kennedy hasn't decided his next adventure although there are many options available on the installation. He said he's considering something in the wildlife division when his schedule allows.