Eric Edwards, right, Director of the Aviation and Missile, Research, Development and Engineering Center presents a note of appreciation and coin from Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger, Department of the Army, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7, to David Hartfield, Intelligence Specialist in the AMRDEC's Security and Intelligence Office. During the Army's annual Operation Security Conference, Hartfield was recognized as a finalist and one of the Army's top OPSEC program managers.

"The personnel assigned to AMRDEC are better protected as a direct result of your personal vigilance. I appreciate your personal dedication, patriotism and selfless service," stated Bolger.

Hartfield's work to reduce risk to AMRDEC operations was a team effort.

"After receiving the letter I felt a sense of accomplishment for AMRDEC and the security and intelligence office. OPSEC is an organization's effort and not just the work of any individual alone. To me, the AMRDEC family received the letter, I just accepted it for them," said Hartfield.