FORT CARSON, Colo.-September is National Preparedness Month and Ready Army is the Army Emergency Management Program's campaign to increase knowledge to the Army community about avoidable hazards. The campaign's main message, "Get a Kit. Make a Plan. Be Informed," calls for education to Soldiers, Family members, Army civilians and contractors. The focus aims to prepare everyone by saving lives and strengthening the nation.

"It's the little things like this that you don't think about that can make a big difference," said Eduardo Bernardo, ACS Ready Army/Fort Carson Ready Family member coordinator. "You can never be too prepared for an emergency."

When making a kit, here are a few things to consider: pack enough supplies for a minimum of three days. Develop a Family Emergency Plan, including a communication plan and be aware of the types of emergencies that threaten your area.

When planning, don't forget about elderly people or those with disabilities or special needs. Having copies of medical cards and information could prove to be invaluable. When working on the planning process, get the whole family involved. Let children know about the possibilities and how to react could keep them calm during a crisis. Make sure everyone in the family is knowledgeable about the plan and where to find the kit.

Having water available might not occur to many people during the planning process. Many times during emergencies, water supplies could be interrupted or contaminated. A safe estimate would be one gallon of water per person or pet per day. Safely store enough water for at least three days, and refresh the supply regularly.

When making a kit, consider making two: one that would be lightweight in case of an evacuation situation.

For more preparedness information, contact Bernardo at 526-0285 or e-mail Helpful tips and information can be found at the following websites: or