FORT STEWART, Ga. - For Soldiers at Fort Stewart, the Soldier Service Center is a one-stop shop for in and out processing. For Soldiers, Family Members, Army Civilians and retirees, the Soldier Service Center is the home to a wide variety of services, from ID card replacement and vehicle sticker registration to the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center.

"Here at the Soldier Service Center, we have a 'one-team approach'," said Tom Allmon, director of the Directorate of Human Resources and the Soldier Service Center. "Almost every directorate has an element here."

Those elements that have representation at the Soldier Service Center include Finance, DHR, CPAC, Medical and Dental Activity, Directorate of Logistics, Directorate of Emergency Services, Survivor Outreach Services, the Army Career and Alumni Program, Red Cross, Veterans' Affairs, Housing, and some Hinesville representation.

The Soldier Center is, according to Allmon, the first place a Soldier sees when they arrive at Fort Stewart, and the last place they see when they leave Fort Stewart, in retirement, permanent change of station, or end of term service.

"When a Soldier comes to Fort Stewart for the first time, just about everything is accomplished here," Allmon said. "We have a Soldier's 'day one' going on every day here."

Currently, Fort Stewart has an eight-day in processing program, while the normal IMCOM standard is five days. Allmon explained that Stewart's was changed to be longer around 2003, when Soldiers in-processing to the 3rd Infantry Division were rapidly deployed as part of the surge.

The Soldier Service Center is also the "hub" for Soldiers out processing. A Soldier normally receives orders about 60 days out, and will have a pre-appointment at the Soldier Service Center about 30 days out from their departure date. In those 30 days before out-processing, the Soldier Service Center sends out an automated list for each Soldier to each agency and some areas are automatically cleared, saving the Soldier time and expediting the process.

"If a Soldier is in or out processing, this is where they come," Allmon said. He added that there may be a few other stops in the process, but that the majority of the work is done in the building.

Something that the Soldier Service Center offers that many aren't aware of is the Retirement Services Office. There, they prepare DD214 forms - the certificate of release or discharge from active duty - which chronicles an individual's entire military career. Any veteran can go to the office at the Soldier Service Center with any problems relating to the DD214.

The Soldier Service Center is home to CPAC, where all civilians go through their in processing briefing when starting employment at Fort Stewart. CPAC also provides employment information for Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.

The Center is also where Family Members, retirees, Army Civilians and contractors go when they need to register their vehicle or need a new or replacement ID card or Common Access Card.

If you need a passport, DOL issues those at the Soldier Service Center, said Allmon. Balfour Beatty Communities has an element in the Center, which welcomes in-processing Soldiers to on-base housing, and Soldiers can turn on their electricity at the center, and sign up for Internet service, among other things.

The Soldier Service Center, building, is located at 55 Pony Soldier Avenue at Fort Stewart. For more information about the services provided, call call 912-767-3195 Customer Service Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.