FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- Having trouble getting into your work voicemail' How about getting rid of a virus on your Army-issued laptop or PC'

No need to worry. Now there's a single source for all your information technology troubleshooting needs.
Starting Sept. 24, all Fort Jackson IT users will be able to call the Army Enterprise Service Desk for assistance.
By calling 1-866-335-ARMY, or 1-866-335-2769, Fort Jackson's IT customers will be able to get technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"It's a single point of contact for IT service requests, regardless of physical location," said Colleen Bonner, AESD transition lead. "We're going to do our best to help (people) who call in, whether they're calling from a hotel room where they're working on their laptop or from their office where they're having trouble with their PC or telephone."

Fort Jackson IT users can still continue to call 751-GNEC (4632) or 751-DOIM (3646) to request computer or telephone troubleshooting assistance, but the call will be routed to the AESD.

During a call to the AESD, a technician will try to resolve the issue from his or her remote location. If the issue is not able to be resolved over the telephone, the technician will document the issue and forward a ticket to Fort Jackson's Network Enterprise Center where it will be logged, prioritized and addressed by the appropriate NEC staff.

The best thing about the single point of support is that more NEC workers will be in the field, because they will be fielding fewer telephone calls, said Tammy Cunningham, chief of the Fort Jackson's NEC Customer Service Center.

"It's definitely going to free us up," Cunningham said. "Rather than having one person dedicated to answering the telephone, that's one more person I can actually send out to the field to fix someone's computer or telephone problem."

On any given day, the NEC receives upward of 70 calls, she said. Now, that the calls are being consolidated and routed through the AESD, Cunningham said she expects the NEC's work order cue to shrink dramatically, allowing her staff members to dedicate their time to more hands-on service.

Fort Jackson is the eighth Army installation to migrate to the AESD's centralized IT services program, which is expected to expand Armywide.

"If this program is implemented throughout the Army as a whole, then we have the ability to efficiently process service management delivery to our customer base any time, anywhere," said Jesus RosaVelez, Fort Jackson NEC director.

For more information, contact the NEC Customer Service Center at 751-4632 or 751-3646.

In the know

-- Call 1-866-335-ARMY to speak with an Army Enterprise Service Desk agent.
-- Phone menu asks a series of questions to determine where to route the call.
-- The agent will resolve if possible the caller's issue or create a ticket for the caller and ensure that the ticket is routed to the correct group for resolution.
-- Users receive e-mail notifications on ticket status (opened, changed, closed).