YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger thanked U.S. troops and their families during a rally here Sept. 15.

On the third leg of an Asian trade tour that took him to Japan, China and Korea, Schwarzenegger also met with Soldiers from California when he arrived at Seoul Air Base Sept. 14.

Among them was 8th Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. Joseph F. Fil, Jr., a native of Portola Valley, Calif. When he was the commander of the National Training Center, Fil had previously hosted the governor at Fort Irwin, Calif.

At the Sept. 15 rally, Schwarzenegger spoke to a packed gymnasium and thanked the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines and their families for their service and support.

Schwarzenegger said he always makes time to visit with U.S. troops and their families whenever he travels across the United States or around the globe.

"I love visiting our troops and the reason is: I am a big fan and a big admirer of yours," said Schwarzenegger. "You see, I play in my movies the action hero, but you are the true action heroes."

Schwarzenegger also thanked the many military families at the rally for their support.

"I want to say thank you to all of you for the great service that you provide for our country. Not only the men and women in uniform, I know also who your true partners are," said Schwarzenegger. "You true partners are sitting out there: the spouses, the children, the families. You are making the same sacrifices."

The governor described his experience as Austrian immigrant with little money and big dreams. He said the United States had enabled him to live his dreams and become a champion bodybuilder, movie star and governor.

"Where else can an Austrian farm boy go and end up being governor of the great state of California' Only in America," said Schwarzenegger. "There are so many people who always debate: who is really responsible for making American the greatest nation' Is it the political leaders, is it the scientists, is it the educators, is it the press' Who is it really' I say it is you."

Schwarzenegger, whose term as California governor ends next January, said his public service will continue when he returns to private life.

And with his signature movie line, he promised: "I'll be back."