Rest and Recuperation Leave Program in Support of OEF in Africa

What is it'

Rest and Recuperation (R&R) Leave Program provides U.S. servicemembers and DoD civilians deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom for at least 270 days "boots on the ground" in designated locations of Djibouti and Somalia the opportunity to take 15 days of chargeable leave during their deployment, at the commander's discretion. The program pays for the traveler to fly from the aerial port of debarkation (APOD) to the commercial airport nearest to the approved leave address and back. Any movement by ground transportation is paid by the traveler.

What has the Army done'

U.S. Army Africa (USARAF) has been administering the R&R leave program since Oct. 1, 2009 for the designated locations of Djibouti and Somalia. On April 20, 2010, the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness formally approved AFRICOM's request to establish a program for its geographic area of responsibility, essentially continuing the authorized locations in Africa originally granted under CENTCOM's program. On July 16, 2010, the 1000th service member participated in the program under USARAF.

What will the Army do'

As the executive agent, USARAF is responsible for developing, managing, and administering the program. The program is applicable to servicemembers and DoD civilians who meet eligibility criteria.

Why is this important to the Army'

It's important, from a readiness perspective, to provide servicemembers and civilians serving in support of OEF in AFRICOM's area of responsibilty a respite from the stresses associated with the combat mission during their tour. The program allows participants to focus on family and friends when they return home; the goal is to assist in re-energizing and mentally preparing servicemembers and civilians for the remainder of their tour. The estimated $3.5 million annual cost of the program is a small investment that will improve mission performance and the well-being of our forces.


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