FORT HOOD, Texas - Friends and family members of Soldiers with the 546th Area Support Medical Company, 1st Medical Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), woke up early on July 31 to attend a farewell ceremony at the Kieschnick Fitness Center.Approximately 75 Soldiers from the company are deploying to Iraq for a year to provide medical support deployed service members."We will be providing levels one and two medical care from one location in Baghdad, with multiple medic taskings throughout the country" said Capt. Nolan Ellis, the company commander. "We are, without a doubt, ready to take on this mission."Ellis was with the company as a platoon leader on their previous deployment to Iraq, from Aug. 2007 through Nov. 2008."Today's Army is an all volunteer force," said Col. Bruce McVeigh, commander of the 1st Medical Brigade. "Each of these Soldiers has volunteered to go forward and provide critical medical care when needed. They are truly a national treasure.""The people who are the Army are more than just the Soldiers," he said. "Spouses and children are as much a part of this force as the Soldiers themselves. We will make sure to give them the best support possible."McVeigh said this is the one of the longest wars in American history, and the Army is the best-led, best-equipped force ever put on the battlefield."America's sons and daughters are depending on you to treat both combat and non combat injuries," McVeigh said. "You will make a difference. Go forth with our best wishes for a safe and successful deployment. You have trained hard and you are ready."