FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Post and community leaders donated their time and unit memorabilia to the newly renovated 2,700 square foot meeting and banquet space area at The Landing called the Legends, Aug. 4.

What started as a concept two years ago has grown into Legends, aptly named after what Fort Rucker has produced over its many years: legends of Aviation, said Frank Zerbinos, Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreations business operations chief.

"Our vision was to create a space that was largely symbolic of the history of both the units and the organizations here at Fort Rucker," said Zerbinos.

As DFMWR looked to the design of what the Legends would become, they knew Aviation memorabilia would play a key design element. Taking the lead to round up enough memorabilia to fill the space was Col. Anthony Krogh, U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence Directorate of Simulation, and former community activity council president.

"We wanted to make this a place that Soldiers can bring their Families to understand where they come from, and better understand their values and expectations as a servicemember," said Krogh on the need for Soldiers to remember the past as Fort Rucker progresses forward. "This will be a reminder of the lineage and history of both the Branch and the Army as a whole."

Several tenants on Fort Rucker assisted with providing memorabilia to decorate the walls of the Legends, from unit decorations streamers, to photos, medallions, awards and shadow boxes from the various contributors.

"I hope that (Soldiers and Families) understand that new legends are defined every day and this will be a constant reminder for them," Krogh added.

Taking time to help with the decorating was Macie Macklin, spouse of Col. James Macklin, Air Traffic Services Command and 164th Theater Airfield Operations Group commander. Macie went down memory lane looking through all the photos to see how Fort Rucker has changed over the years from when she and her husband were stationed here last, and remarked on how she hopes Soldiers look at the Legends.

"I see this as a place where both new and past Soldiers can come and see what they are truly a part of and grasp a bigger picture of what a great legacy they come from and understand that they themselves will help continue this," said Macie.

In addition to Macie, several helpers came out to assist in decorating the Legends: Kim Krogh, wife of Col. Krogh; Kim Ball, wife of Col. Daniel Ball, USAACE chief of staff; Master Sgt. Donald Skidds, DOS noncommissioned officer in charge; The Landing staff and members of the non-appropriated funds maintenance staff, John McClamma and Barry DE Fleron.

The Fort Rucker Spouses Club; 1st Aviation Brigade; 110th Avn. Bde.; 1st Battalion, 13th Avn. Regiment; 1st Bn. 145th Avn. Regt.; 1st Bn., 210th Avn. Regt.; Goodhand Simulation Complex; Seneff Warfighting Simulation Center; Combat Readiness Directorate; Directorate of Simulation; and the Warrant Officer Career College all provided pieces of history to adorn the walls of the Legends.

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