RED CLOUD GARRISON, South Korea - Warrior Country officials used a recent safety council advisory meeting to urge Soldiers and family members pushing baby strollers on Red Cloud Garrison installations to watch out for vehicular traffic by practicing good road safety habits and situational awareness.

"I received a number of complaints from people that drive vehicles," said Richard Davis, USAG Red Cloud deputy to the commander. "There was an observation that Soldiers and family members are not aware of their surroundings when walking in the streets," he said.

Davis explained that walking in the streets creates a safety hazard, especially during hours of darkness. The deputy to the commander encouraged pedestrians to stay on the sidewalks where they exist.

"We are constructing new sidewalks to help resolve this problem," Davis said. "But in the mean time, Soldiers and family members need to be aware of their soundings and watch out for vehicular traffic while walking along the side of the street. Where no sidewalks are available, people need to stay close to the shoulder of the road on the left side, facing traffic."

With more families getting command sponsorships in Warrior Country - an area that previously had a very limited number of families - the population on the installations is growing and pedestrians need to be increasingly vigilant.

Drivers of military and privately-owned vehicles must also be vigilant. Davis said it is imperative for drivers to obey the posted speed limit or drive even slower depending on the road conditions.

"My top concern is the safety and security of our workforce and their families," he said. "Since we are now a command sponsored area, we have more vehicles on our roads. Our goal is not to lose or injure a single servicemember, civilian or family member due to an accident."