The people who serve transitioning or retiring Soldiers and Families, and who continue that support for Retired Soldiers and Families, just completed four days of HQDA training in order to be able to serve this deserving population even better.

Retirement Services Officers (RSOs) and Transition Center Officers (TCOs) from Army installations worldwide gathered from Jul. 31 to Aug. 3, to be briefed by HQDA leaders and staff members. The event was conducted by the Army G-1's Retirement Services Office in conjunction with members of the Human Resources Command - Alexandria's Transition Center Program Office. The 107 RSOs and TCOs, ranging from a newly hired 22-year old to those in the field more than 30 years, added to this training by networking and learning from one another.

"The end of the Soldier Life Cycle and the people you serve are very important," Army G-1 Retirement Services Chief John Radke told them. "Sometimes we get so caught up in the beginning of the Soldier Life Cycle as we recruit and retain Soldiers that we forget that the Army must also insure that we take good care of our Soldiers who separate or retire."

Army G-1 Lt. Gen. Michael Rochelle told RSOs and TCOs that their jobs make them part of the Army Recruiting Team. "When you do your job well, when the retiring Soldier has a positive experience, then you have activated and empowered that Retired Soldier and Family to tell the Army story and their story whenever possible. You've retired a recruiter." He emphasized the importance of Soldiers preparing for retirement early.

Every Soldier -- retiring or Retired -- and their Family has the support of an RSO, regardless of how far they are from an Army installation. RSOs are serving a growing population. Retired Soldiers and annuitant surviving spouses currently number approximately 935,000. Family members put that total at well over a million. Contact information for RSOs can be found at

Separating Soldiers and Families can find a list of TCOs at

POC: Laura Paul, RSO Public Affairs, 703-325-2647