On Friday, July 23, at a change of command ceremony at the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Community Center on Fort Myer, Lt. Col. Damon G. Baine relinquished command of Andrew Rader U.S. Army Health Clinic to Lt. Col. Jenifer A. Meno.
The ceremony was hosted by commander of the DeWitt Health Care Network, Col. Susan Annicelli. Following welcoming remarks, the National Anthem was sung by Master Sgt. Antonio S. Giuliano and accompanied by members of The U.S. Army Band ''Pershing's Own."

After the invocation, the change of command ceremony, an event rich in tradition and symbolism took place with the passing of Rader Clinic's guidon. Transferring the guidon represents transferring the responsibility for the unit's accomplishments. The guidon was passed to Baine for the last time as Rader Clinic's commander. After Meno was passed the guidon, signifying her acceptance of becoming commander, the official change of command was complete.

As is the custom, Baine spoke first. ''Most of you have served multiple times in combat and yet continue to raise your right hand and reenlist," he said. ''You truly are included in America's greatest generations. I thank you for your sacrifice and service to this great nation."

Rader Clinic's new commander spoke next, saying, ''When I look at Fort Myer, I reflect on the history of Rader Clinic and who we serve. Andrew Rader was a physician who cared for over 2,000 wounded Soldiers while being held captive by the Japanese during World War II," ''He was a survival of the Bataan Death March. He gave the ultimate sacrifice."

Meno noted she had already seen the committed care to patients by the staff members.

''This was demonstrated by the simple gesture of answering a question or opening a door or by providing support in an examining room. Then, you walk into the clinic and see a number of retirees - like my dad - waiting for their prescriptions or for an appointment," said Meno.

''Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines walk through Rader's doors to receive care. These are the people we serve," she added.

Meno said ''We will continue to provide care with compassion. Our motto is 'Dedicated-one team.' This is what we are - one team."

Following the singing of the Army song, the ceremony was concluded as guests were invited to join Meno and her Family for refreshments.