2010 Land Forces Symposium

What is it'

The Land Forces Symposium is an annual forum that brings together senior army leaders from Central Command's (CENTCOM's) area of responsibility (AOR) to discuss common challenges, exchange views and foster security cooperation throughout the region while simultaneously building trusted relationships with partner nations. This is the fifth symposium held and the theme for this year's symposium is Multilateral Approaches to Regional Challenges; it will consist of three panels focusing on:
Aca,!Ac Consequence Management and Critical Infrastructure Protection: This panel seeks to identify ways in which land forces may respond to natural or man-made disasters or requirements to provide security for important infrastructure.
Aca,!Ac Counterinsurgency: This panel examines national and regional initiatives to mitigate and combat extremism and internal threats to national security.
Aca,!Ac Security Cooperation Programs: This panel explores security cooperation efforts, encouraging the development of standards and core competencies that enable successful multilateral operations and enhance interoperability.

Senior Army leaders from 18 countries in U.S. Central Command's area AOR were invited to participate in this year's Land Forces Symposium which is currently taking place Aug.1-4 in Columbus, Ga. This event is being co hosted by Gen. George W. Casey Jr., U.S. Army chief of staff, and Lt. Gen. William G. Webster, Third Army/U.S. Army Central commander.

What has the Army done'

Third Army identified an opportunity for militaries in the AOR to meet and identify training needs, equipment and other requirements while discussing future concepts necessary to address 21st century challenges. The dialogue helps frame future theater security cooperation events and needs for each country, in other words, outlines our theater engagement plan.

Why is this important to the Army'

The Army's primary focus of allocation of forces and equipment for the past nine years has been in the CENTCOM AOR and security in the region was a concern long before then. Global security and stability depends on regional governments and their militaries working collectively to meet 21st century challenges such as counter terrorism, regional security and consequence management.

What is planned for the future'

Third Army will schedule future symposia every two years. In the interim year a maneuver symposium will be held instead. This will be focused at the division and brigade levels. Third Army will continue to foster military-to-military relations with its partner nations by conducting exercises and theater security cooperation events. Well over 100 events are planned with our partner nations in the next fiscal year.


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