FORT A.P. HILL, Va. - As busloads of Boy Scouts and leaders converged upon the Boy Scouts of America's 2010 National Scout Jamboree, the U.S. Army Ground Forces Band took to the stage, bringing their signature sound to the historic event.The 11-Soldier group, known as the "Brass Brigade," performed a variety of music, ranging from funk and soul to rap and R&B. According to U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Brian Pringle, the music performance team leader, the group performs music to cater to younger audiences."We want to play music younger people, much like these Scouts, want to hear," he said. "We're modernizing the Army's take on music."The band will perform two shows per day for eight days at the Jamboree, performing at each of the eight different areas.Preparations for the performances lasted approximately two months, involving hours of practice and choreography, according to U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Gunnar Chambers.Sgt. Maj. Leander Singletary, the band's enlisted leader, said the group is the "premier band" in the Army, tasked with telling the Army story."We go where Soldiers typically aren't seen," he said. "We want to tell our story to the American people in return for their support."Sergeant Major Singletary said the Soldiers are "extremely excited" to be performing at the Jamboree, where crowds are expected to surpass 200,000 people. Most important to the team is the effect the show will have on the Scouts."The band gets to see the whole scope of how impressive this event is," he said. "We will definitely be positively affected by the energy these Scouts will share with us."The Joint Task Force-National Scout Jamboree arranged for bands from all five branches of the Uniformed Service to entertain the Boy Scouts during the 10-day event.