FORT A.P. HILL, Va. - The commander of U.S. Northern Command, U.S. Navy Adm. James Winnefeld, Jr., visited the Joint Task Force - National Scout Jamboree's Joint Multi-agency Operations Coordination Center July 27, getting a first-hand look at what goes into making the Boy Scouts of America's 2010 National Scout Jamboree a success.

U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Robert Nolan II, JTF-NSJ commander, and U.S. Air Force Col. Vick Dallin, JMOACC operations center director, accompanied the admiral throughout the facility, explaining the day-to-day operations that occur within the building, which serves as the nucleus of the task force's support operations.

Admiral Winnefeld called USNORTHCOM's support of the Jamboree "a tremendous honor and privilege," committing the dedication of the joint task force to ensuring a safe and fun event.

"This event is a wonderful slice of America, where we have 50,000 future leaders together to share outdoor experiences and build character," he said. "It's a privilege to be able to support them."

"Providing safety and security is a very important dimension of bringing kids together for what amounts to be a tremendous experience," he added.
The admiral, a 32-year Navy veteran, said supporting the Jamboree provides an opportunity for USNORTHCOM to perform its mission, highlighting crisis response and coordination with local, state and federal partners.

"Whenever you bring large amounts of people together in high-profile event like the Jamboree, you need to be ready to respond to attacks or natural disasters," he said. "What we're doing here is right mission area. It's a great rehearsal to get our standing joint force headquarters up and provide support to civil authorities."

"It's exactly what we do," the admiral added.

The JTF-NSJ features more than 2.000 active duty, reserve and National Guard personnel working with BSA staff and local emergency responders. Admiral Winnefeld thanked Fort A.P Hill and all corresponding units for supporting the Jamboree alongside the joint task force.

"We get to help wonderful kids and the adults who are leading them through their scouting journey," he said. "Fort A.P. Hill and all our interagency partners have made this a terrific operation."