Business Case for an Enduring Operational Army Reserve

What is it'

The business case illustrates, in today's tough economic environment, why it makes good sense to sustain an enduring operational Army Reserve. Compared to the cost of expanding the full-time Army force with the same capability resident in the Army Reserve, a relatively smaller investment in operationalizing the Army Reserve supports security at home and the fight against terrorism abroad.

What has the Army Reserve done'

Since our nation's involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, combatant commanders have urgently called for many of the enabling capabilities resident within the Army Reserve, including logistical, engineer, military police, medical and civil affairs support. In response, the Army Reserve recast itself from its historical part-time strategic reserve role, to a fully integrated and critical part of an operational, expeditionary Army. After more than 100 years serving as the nation's strategic federal reserve force - supporting the wartime and peacetime needs of the Regular Army - the Army Reserve transformed into a ready operational force that more effectively and efficiently supports the nation's evolving and challenging security requirements.

What does the Army Reserve have planned for the future'

For now and into the foreseeable future, the Army Reserve will function as an operational force. We will continue to be a positive investment for the nation. The required institutional, policy and systemic resource processes and procedures are being transformed to ensure a sustainable and ready force.

Why is this important to the Army'

Aca,!Ac The Army Reserve is a "best value" because the nation pays the full cost for a Reserve Soldier only when he/she is mobilized.

Aca,!Ac When calculated over a 15-year period, an enduring operational Army Reserve provides key capabilities for the Army at significant cost savings. Building Army Reserve Soldier readiness under the current ARFORGEN process costs about one-third of an active component Soldier for train-up. This cost savings is achieved by providing cyclical capabilities to the Army as well as predictability for Soldiers, families and employers.

Aca,!Ac An operational Army Reserve provides capabilities in support of combatant commanders security activities in response to a broad range of regional contingencies.


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