Now that summer is in ... safety rules are definitely not out.
Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall residents and workers need to obey all traffic laws to insure they remain as safe as possible.

A few reminders to acknowledge while on the road:

1. Vehicles share it with bicyclists.

2. Bicyclists must wear a helmet.

3. Bicyclists must also wear reflective gear in times of low visibility.

4. Bicyclists and motorists must completely stop at every stop sign on and off of base. Rolling through a stop sign, even if other vehicles are not approaching is not acceptable. If caught, you will be cited.

JBM-HH is a friendly environment, said Stephen Brant, Directorate of Emergency Services' traffic accident investigator.

Even though JBM-HH is a relatively calm environment, there are still traffic violations that occur on base.

''Speeding is an issue," Brant said. He attributes much of this to the low speed stipulations posted on base.

Traffic laws are in place to ensure that everyone on JBM-HH is safe.

''Traffic safety is everybody's job. [It is up to the] pedestrian, bicyclist, motorist and vehicle operator to insure that maximum safety is met every time," Brant said.

Regulations for bicyclists on base are identical to Virginia bicycle laws. Information on bicycle laws can be found at www.vdot.govAcA "programsAcA "bk-laws.asp. Information about guidelines on traffic procedures on JBM-HH can be viewed on the base's website, "sitesAcA "directoratesAcA "publicsafety.asp.

Military or civilians should take heed of the following do's and don'ts:

Don't drive under the influence

Don't speed over the posted limit

Don't follow another vehicle too closely

Don't park in prohibited areas

Do yield the right of way to emergency vehicles

Do obey all traffic signs and posted speed limits

Do wear safety restraints
A document of all updated traffic regulations will soon be available online. Citations are given for traffic regulations that are not upheld. If an individual receives three or more citations within a year, their license can be suspended for an entire year.

Citations can also assess up to six traffic points on an individual's driver's license if traffic violations occur.

For more information on safety traffic regulations contact the Directorate of Emergency Services Provost Marshal office at (703) 614-4700 or (703) 614-9028.