Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Representatives from 21 countries gathered to participate in the command post exercise for Angkor Sentinel 2010, during the Global Peace Operations Initiative July 12 through 23.

This is the fifth Global Peace Operations Initiative capstone exercise since 2006 and the first time such an event has been conducted in Cambodia. The exercise is co-sponsored by the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, U.S. Army Pacific and U.S. Pacific Command and aims to build the participants' capability, capacity, and effectiveness for planning and executing peace support operations.

"The main objective both here at the command post exercise and the field training exercise is that Cambodia builds a capacity to train its own people and also to bring people in from other neighboring countries to provide them with training in how to manage a U.N. headquarters, as well as, field operations," said Navy Capt. Erwin Hoo, co-director of the command post exercise.

In addition to learning valuable knowledge about operating together in a multinational environment, Hoo said the relationships the participants build during the exercise will help to strengthen them when they run into each other down range.

U.S. Pacific Command normally conducts one major Global Peace Operations Initiative exercise and one minor training event each year.