FORT STEWART, Ga. Aca,!" Captain Michael P. Cassidy and Pfc. Francisco Guardado-Ramirez were honored for their service to the nation, July 15, as two trees were added to the long rows of Eastern Redbuds that line Warriors Walk at Fort Stewart.

Aca,!A"Ours is a nation at war. Our nation in this struggle acts for itself . . . and yet we also act, as is our way, for a world of others, some of whom cannot act for themselves,Aca,!A? said Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Phillips, 3rd Infantry Division deputy commanding general-rear. Aca,!A"It has been given to our nation, the task to address that pestilential behavior among some men that, if unchecked, threatens the slavery of millions and endangers the very security of our America. That is what is happening today. Make no mistake. And that is why young Americans are giving themselves to our service, and that is why some are losing their lives in that service, thousands of miles away, in places once so strange to our ear and now so familiar: Tikrit, Kabul, Anbar . . .As free men and women, each of us may decide the value of this, our solemn work.Aca,!A?

Captain Michael Cassidy, a physicianAca,!a,,cs assistant with Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery, 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, died in Mosul, Iraq, of injuries suffered in a noncombat incident, June 17.

Captain Cassidy, 41, was serving in the Army National Guard when he signed up for active duty after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. He worked as a medic in South Korea before being stationed in Iraq, where he was serving his second tour at the time of his death.

Captain Cassidy is survived by his wife of 12 years, Johanna, and two daughters, Catherine, 11, and Amber, 9, and his parents, Henry and Susan Cassidy.

Aca,!A"MikeAca,!a,,cs accomplishments, inspirational in their dedication to service and the idea of helping others, are a testament to his character,Aca,!A? said Brig. Gen. Phillips. Aca,!A"And where his adoring daughters saw Superman, Johanna saw him trulyAca,!A| (as) her Clark Kent. We need more Clark Kents. Mike Cassidy Aca,!" farewell and thank you for your great heart.Aca,!A?

Private First Class Francisco Guardado-Ramirez, 1st Battalion, 41st Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, died in Baghdad, Iraq, from injuries sustained from a noncombat-related incident, June 2.

A native of Sunland Park, N.M., Pfc. Guardado-Ramirez was known as an unassuming and even-keeled Soldier, the rock in his platoon, and a brother in arms with whom you could share what was on your mind, Brig. Gen. Phillips said in his speech.

Aca,!A"He excelled at every mission and volunteered for more,Aca,!A? Brig. Gen. Phillips said. Aca,!A"He sought difficult duties and always performed them with professionalism and quiet pride. Through his example, he led others to excellence.Aca,!A?

Private First Class Guardado-Ramirez, 21, was on his first deployment and had one year of active military service.

Aca,!A"Those here who have lost a loved one in the spring of life should therefore know that their passing is remarked by the nation; and their works Aca,!" such good works among mankind Aca,!" were works worthy of our cause,Aca,!A? Brig. Gen. Phillips said.

For the Family of Capt. Cassidy, the honor they feel helped, in a small way, to ease the sadness of the affair .

Aca,!A"IAca,!a,,cve been so impressed with the honor the Army and the community at large has shown,Aca,!A? said Capt. CassidyAca,!a,,cs wife, Johanna. Aca,!A"IAca,!a,,cm honored; it means a lot to me to see the honor he is receiving.Aca,!A?

With the dedication of trees in honor of Capt. Cassidy and Pfc. Guardado-Ramirez, there now stand 433 trees at Warriors Walk.

Aca,!A"Francisco Guardado-Ramirez and Michael Cassidy: two Soldiers now remembered here, where memory compasses the best among us,Aca,!A? Brig. Gen. Phillips said to the audience in closing.